JIFCO Handloom Exports

Sri Lanka’s Handloom Textile Industry is hundreds of years old and steeped in a rich traditional history passed down from generation to generation. The industry produces mainly cotton and silk products, utilizing cotton and silk yarn. It is a labor intensive and rural based industry in Sri Lanka. Handloom products are completely sustainable and are made out of eco-friendly raw material, maintaining internationally accepted quality standards.

There are around 962 manufacturers engaged in the industry. The mix of manufacturers includes leading handloom weaving manufacturers as well as small scale producers. Awareness of modern design trends, combined with traditional craftsmanship and the influx of new processing techniques, the leading producers have been able to grasp the international market and also have been able to successfully cater to the local tourist market.

Products for Export

There is a wide selection of products such as upholstery fabric and curtainingdress fabric, bed linen, table linen, kitchen linen, ready-made garments, soft toys and hand-woven rugs and tapestries. Even stationery items such as books, notebooks, albums and writing pads are beautifully made with handcrafted exteriors. These items are designed for niche markets where handmade products of high-value are preferred. 

Another feature is that the industry has the flexibility to supply both in small quantities and in larger quantities as well as styles to fit individual tastes and requirements of different buyers from various cultures.

Jifco Handloom Exports